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Josef’s treatments align the body, emotions and mind to facilitate an holistic approach to health and well being. These techniques help to resolve old patterns of imbalance to assist clients in aligning to their true nature and wellbeing.


Josef graduated from the University of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine). Josef is also registered with Aacma and Ahpra and all major health funds.


With extensive travel through Asia and daily practice of Qigong directed by Master Steve Li (Master of one of the Shaolin Divisions), Josef has been heightened to the importance of reconnecting to a natural and wholesome way of living with the understanding that it can take more than diet or herbs to resolve health issues but a deep commitment that involves lifestyle changes that creates shifts in the physical, emotional and mental bodies which supports longer lasting results.


Josef combines acupuncture energy healing techniques through the observation and personal experience from Master Li.


'I have become acutely aware of the disharmony which occurs from modern day living, affecting people on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Since undertaking a daily practice of Qigong (energy exercises which incorporate breathing techniques, movement and meditation) over the past 15 years and under the instruction of Master Steve Li, I am greatly inspired to share the harmonious benefits of an ancient holistic approach to healing through facilitating natural balance within my patients. It is a rewarding privilege to work with people in this capacity'. 

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